Another Successful and Healthy Start to School

a beautiful start to a new school year
                         a beautiful start to a new school year

Bradford Elementary School is committed to improved choices for healthier eating at The Ice Cream Social celebrated before the start of school. This year, parents Christa Aromando, Rachel Weber and Imke Oster, made incredible efforts to provide healthier options for new students and their families at Bradford.

All natural ice cream was offered.  “I liked that the vanilla was made with only four ingredients! And I could name them all!”, said Christa. She took the time to read labels and chose an ice cream that only contained non-fat milk, cream, sugar and vanilla as ingredients. She even took the experience a step further by shopping with her children and made it a lesson in reading and understanding what’s in their food.

Fruit juice pops were offered as a non-dairy option to students as well.  Watermelon and water rounded out the balanced choices for the celebration.

Huge thanks and congratulations to all those who made the event such a successful and healthy start to this school year!


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