hydration's key
                                                                               hydration’s the key

Huge thanks to Sarah Otazo for sharing this post on the importance of Hydration. Making sure to get enough water, whether you’re in school or out, is a key component to health and wellness. And during the scorching heat of summer, it’s an even bigger priority. As reported by the recent CNN article Your kids probably aren’t drinking enough of this (link attached), dehydration can lead to “cognitive impairment, headaches and even nausea in severe cases”.

So, we all know hydration is important, but how much is enough? A quick rule of thumb is to simply divide your weight in half and that number is the minimum number of ounces you should drink in a day. For example, a 60 lb child should drink roughly 30 ounces or a quart per day. An easy way to keep track of how many ounces you drink is to measure it out at the beginning of the day and make sure the container is empty by the end of the day. And that amount is just the minimum.

Beverages with caffeine can dehydrate you further and sugary drinks may not be the best way to stay hydrated either. Both caffeinated and sugary drinks may contain ingredients that are non-nutritive.

Lastly, as we head into the summer, it’s crucial to be mindful that sweating from exercise or heat is dehydrating.  Increasing water intake another 25-50% of your daily intake can make up for sweating or consuming non-hydrating drinks. So reap the benefits of increased energy, better health and vitality by staying well hydrated this summer!

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Sarah Otazo is the mom of a Bradford third grader and is currently working towards her certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.


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