Fuel 4 School March 2015 Update

IMG_4397How were the Valentine’s Day celebrations in your class? We’d love to hear about them! healthandwellness@bradfordpta.org

Snack Ideas for March:

Prioritizing the convenience and cost of a healthy classroom group snack at school is sometimes easier said than done. Focusing on seasonal produce can help keep costs lower. And there are so many fresh options that are simple to prep.

Bananas are a nutrient-dense, year-round option for a fresh snack at school. They are a great source of potassium and dietary fiber. Bananas are affordable, easy to transport, and simple to cut in half for snack size portions.

Citrus is still an option at great prices. Oranges of all kinds are a seasonal option for a healthy snack.

naval, cara cara and blood oranges
orange navel, pink cara cara and blood oranges

Classroom Celebrations for March:

It’s time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Here are some ideas to help make balanced choices, avoid artificial ingredients and food dyes, and have some non-food focused fun.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas


You can always refer to The Bradford Food Guide for ideas:



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